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Learn to cook professional Indian cuisine with recognised qualification. Food hygiene, Level 1 or Level 2.




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Professional Chef Training & Cookery COurses

The Safeguard Fusion Cookery Academy is an innovative specialised culinary academy offers lifestyle cookery master-classes  and comprehensive professional chef training that will ensure a rounded knowledge of food-skills and knowledge along with a clear sense of current industry trends and culinary styles, menu planning, food hygiene and budgeting. We are committed to a strict code of ethics and embrace creativity and diversity by inspiring future chefs from home grown talent.

The bespoke curry chef courses are designed for students who want to become professional chefs specialising in Indian cuisine. The objective of accredited courses is to prepare students through practice into the kitchen. During the first term of the course, students learn and improve their knowledge and skills in all aspects, from the basics to the more advanced techniques in the learning kitchen. The curriculum will cover all aspects of Indian cuisine, including traditional and innovative cuisine.

The second term training will be holistic hands on in the cookery academy as well as in one of our Indian partner restaurants on various occasions. Here, students will broaden their culinary imagination, and particular attention is given to the nutrition, taste perception, development of the recipes and experience presentation of the dishes for real customers. This course is a fantastic opportunity for students who want to gain the necessary experience that will strengthen their desire to be a successful chef in any restaurant kitchen.

Suitable for:

Anyone interested in a career in the catering and hospitality industry. This includes:

  • Working as a professional curry chef or private chef
  • Opening a cafe, pub, takeaway or restaurant
  • Launching a catering business, school cook/chef
  • Specialist kitchen fusion chef for hotels, hospitals and production kitchen
  • Tandoori chef – Indian dining
  • Curry chef – casual dining or restaurants, hotels and gastro pubs
  • Curry chef – Bangladeshi cuisine
  • Wok chef, deep fry chef – Thai cuisine
  • Grill cook/chef – Indian cuisine, gourmet steak diners
  • Stir fry specialist, assistant chef/cook – Thai cuisine
  • Developing food products
  • Food styling
  • Food writing
  • Food media, marketing and PR

The Curry Chef Diploma qualification can be achieved in 6 to 9 months. The Diploma can also be achieved in 6 months, if you have enough knowledge of cookery, previous culinary training, or sufficient practical experience to omit the foundation term learning.

We aim to inspire all our students to be successful in their chosen fields. In doing so, we are committed to providing the highest level of curry chef training and culinary education through TQUK endorsed chef courses and our in-house short courses.

How to book:

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