Afruj Chowdhury is known in the Asian and Fusion cooking world as a celebrity on Bangladesh TV and an accomplished chef and businessman. He has plans to fill the skills gap and deliver a better trained workforce to the catering industry. “It isn’t just about qualifications. We need a workforce that doesn’t feel satisfied with just getting a job but also keeping the job and progressing to the highest possible level. My industry struggles to recruit and maintain good quality chefs and hospitality staff so what we’re proposing is a new approach to doing just that. Many people working in the UK restaurant business are coming to us from other countries and I believe we need to do much more to up skill them. “Afruj is also a key part of our Stirring Flavours Masterclass team.

“People must learn to love food again. There’s a real issue with seeing food as a problem and what I’m saying is learn to cook from scratch and that will never be the case again. Using fresh, healthy ingredients you know what you’re eating and even fast food – done our way – can be on the menu again!”