Our mission is to help and encourage people to make healthy choices from the food they eat to the career they choose.

We want to provide real access to food education and training and show people how easy it is to eat good food and cook from scratch.

If education was struggling to prepare people for the world of work, could business be the answer? They decided that it was and so began 2 years of preparation for the opening of the Safeguard Fusion Training Centre. There were things that didn’t work and others that couldn’t happen, but in July 2015 and after just 6 days, a space that had been showrooms became a state of the art commercial kitchen and classrooms. From electrics to Whiterock, drainage to fabrication, the dreams of Ben Ingham and Afruj Chowdhury became a reality. Safeguard Fusion Training Ltd was open for business.

Safeguard Fusion Academy was established in 2015 as an independent culinary training provider. Safeguard Fusion Training has become a leading Chef training Academy & Cookery School. We have spearheaded a unique range of British Curry Chef Qualifications to address and tackle the shortage of chef skills as well as inspire a new generation of chefs with a broad range of fundamental techniques through the highest quality training and learning.

Our trainers’ background and understanding of food is a combination of professional training, a passion for food and a desire to share their knowledge with others. They include chef  Trainer Afruj Choudhury,  nutritionist  Anna Kennedy, Chef Ibrahim Ali, Chef Nixon Choudhury along with group Award winning guest chefs and of course Champion chef Kishan Shah .We hope to share our love for food with you at The Safeguard Fusion Academy sometime soon.

Ben Ingham
Director Safeguard Fusion Training Ltd