Cooking Classes


Safeguard Fusion cookery classes last for two hours and the course runs for 6 weeks. During it we will teach you a full range of cooking skills to enable you to prepare quick, healthy and cost-effective meals. Simple nutrition and healthy eating information will also be included. Our classes and courses are for people of any age, every background, ability or mobility.


female chopping food ingredients

The aim of developing this bespoke curry course is to attract new people and home grown talent into British Curry industry and tackle the skills shortage from a varied range of backgroundspreparing them  as ready for work, confident and qualified professional curry chefs to replace those who leave or retire and to provide businesses with the cooking, chef and craft of spice cuisine skills they need to help establish balance the nations favourite curry kitchen increase productivity and profitability.

Group Bookings


With a curry…there really is something for everyone! Whether you like the subtlety of a tikka masala or the flavours of a fusion curry, our chefs will reveal all their secrets   behind the ultimate spice combination. In restaurants it can sometimes be hard to predict what you’ll get the best way to get the perfect level of spice is to make it yourself at home.

Food Hygiene


Food business operators are required by law, to ensure that food handlers receive appropriate training in food hygiene. The necessary skills may be obtained through us.