Our mission is to teach people how easy it is to choose good food and cook from scratch.

We want to empower, educate and inspire everyone to learn cooking healthy fresh food.

Safeguard Fusion cookery classes last for two hours and the course runs for 6 weeks. During it we will teach you a full range of cooking skills to enable you to prepare quick, healthy and cost-effective meals. Simple nutrition and healthy eating information will also be included. Our classes and courses are for people of any age, every background, ability or mobility.


Our Cook Eat Together programme is a great way to bring people together for promoting culinary skills for life as well as engage and inspire student’s learn2cook their favourite dishes for a healthy change.

As for Fusion cooking people may know the spices and ingredients, but most don’t know how they work? Understanding the role and blending of different spices and how they interact is an intricate and important part of Fusion cookery. All students are guided with hints, tips and shortcuts along the way… hands-on cooking adventure with fresh food which they will cook at home again and again.