FOOD IS LIFE… We are passionate about promoting cooking in the community. If you are a member or work with a community group and would be interested in running a cooking project then get in touch and we would be happy to assist you.

Our Community Cooking

Community cooking’ specialised sessions provided to meet specific project aim in a relaxed setting which to learn new food skills, improve knowledge make friends and share experiences for informed choices to cook and eat healthy.

Cooking as part of a group can be a wholesome and empowering experience. There is a sharing of knowledge between the participants that goes beyond the cooking as the actual chopping and stirring provides the focus while other matters are discussed, whether this be family life, work, life with and without partners or just putting the world to rights. In many cultures around the community local people (mainly women) still get together to cook and share, in the modern day lifestyle this experience has largely being lost.

For people they have never learnt simple cost effective recipes based on basic nutritional principles which they know will nourish their family. By giving them information and skills their confidence in their ability to be a nurturing parent increases enormously.

Eating a balanced diet is challenging for most people and even more so if you are on a tight budget, have little knowledge of nutritional information or lack cooking skills. Whether participants want to gain or improve their cooking skills, adopt a healthier diet or join a course for pleasure or social reasons, we can offer a training solution that demonstrates that cooking, whether using fresh, store-cupboard or leftover ingredients, can be easy, delicious and inexpensive.

We work with a vast cross-section of communities. When developing courses with hard-to-reach communities, where appropriate we take into account the prevalence of highly processed foods, poor eating habits, obesity and diet-related illnesses, and provide cooking skills courses aimed at reducing inequalities in health and prevention guidelines.

Through hands-on courses, demonstrations and discussion, we teach the importance of following a healthy diet and provide the necessary skills to make more informed choices about food. When working with groups from different cultural backgrounds, generational needs and levels of competence, we adapt courses accordingly in order to make learning inclusive, relevant and easily applicable for wellbeing.

As a community cooking tutors we simply facilitate the session, share information, provide the food and recipes (although this is flexible) and set the session in motion. The session then usually develops its own momentum.

We believe that community cooking works best in groups but in reality facilitated cooking within the community can take many forms some of which include;

  • Individuals in their own home
  • Family groups in their own home
  • Small groups (up to 4 people) in participants home.
  • Cooking groups with existing community groups e.g. toddler groups.
  • After-school cooking groups
  • Cooking projects with special needs groups within mainstream schools
  • Cooking groups within special needs schools.
  • Six week specialised tailored courses for a group of parents with crèche facilities

Groups we have worked with in the community include:

  • Those with Learning Disabilities
  • Teenage Mums / single parents
  • The Homeless and Recently Housed
  • Excluded Pupils Youth centre
  • Young Mums and Dads
  • Carers / young careers
  • Parents and Children
  • Senior citizens
  • Key Community Workers


One day event FEES £359 per group
4 week course FEES £1299 per group
6 week course Fees £1995 per group