Aims and objectives of this bespoke specialised Indian cooking, training and qualifications.

Aim of the fusion curry chef qualifications

The aim of developing this bespoke curry course is to attract new people and home grown talent into British Curry industry and tackle the skills shortage from a varied range of backgroundspreparing themĀ  as ready for work, confident and qualified professional curry chefs to replace those who leave or retire and to provide businesses with the cooking, chef and craft of spice cuisine skills they need to help establish balance the nations favourite curry kitchen increase productivity and profitability.

Objectives of this training and qualifications to:

  1. Contribute to increasing productivity and performance by ensuring that staff has the skills which employers in the catering industry need.
  2. Provide a flexible entry route to attract and retain people in the industry from under-represented groups, to ensure that the industry represents its customer base.
  3. Provide small businesses with access to a high quality training programme to help their businesses remain profitable.
  4. Contribute towards professionalising the industry by providing career pathways to jobs at level 4 and higher to aid retention and to fill management and leadership skills gaps.