The Fusion Cookery Academy is a custom designed teaching kitchen and learning classroom with an attached cafeteria. Students on our courses see the dishes demonstrated by our professional, qualified chef tutors. They see the correct process, taste the end result, ask questions, take notes and generally develop an understanding of what is required, before they are expected to carry out the process themselves.

Unlike some cookery schools where each day is split between half a day of practical cookery and half a day of demonstrations, at our teaching and learning the emphasis is on getting our students into the kitchens for an un-disturbed practical class and approximately 75% of the course is spent in the practical teaching kitchens.
The facilities are specifically designed to promote skills based learning to ensure that our students can adapt to any environment as they develop their careers.

Our learning kitchen is equipped with a variety of different appliances and cooking mediums to promote skills based training, versatility and adaptability in our students. Modern advanced appliances are used at the Academy, including a combination of gas and induction across the kitchen such as Tandoori clay oven, multiple burner cooker, open flame char grill and convection oven.

Practical cooking and learning classes form the backbone of our professional training at Fusion Cookery Academy and 75% of the time students are with us on our bespoke professional Curry Chef Diploma and L2 Certificate courses is spent in the kitchen.
However, the advanced practical skills our students learn are underpinned by classes in the theory of cookery, a broad range of topics including menu planning, food hygiene, budgeting and kitchen management and even allergenic training by our Masters of spice & taste team.

The learning kitchen will be visited by a range of guest specialists: master butchers will show students where each individual cut comes from, spice and herbs specialists will introduce students to the mixing and blending delicate differences from different parts of the world and during our courses, students will gain an in depth knowledge and understanding which supports the skills learned in the kitchen.

Our designated theory classroom provides the ideal facility for this element of the course, away from the distractions of the kitchen action.